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  • Betty's ready for a fun Halloween themed baby yoga session. Dress up completely optional just come and have fun ,
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  • Great class last night,packed full of beautiful expending love, light and energy into the room. Thanks to all who attended,
  • Check out Jack Nicholl's down dog. He's been a little Yogini since conception . Gold Star Jack, headstand next 😀⭐️🙏 ,
"The pace of the classes are good, starting with relaxation and stretching to more active yoga postures before returning to relaxation and stretching. After the classes I certainly feel more refreshed and sleep much better on the night."

D. Asprey Dec 2009
"I wanted to say thanks for a lovely group, I enjoy Tuesday mornings so much. I've been to other mother and baby groups and none of them have the same friendly atmosphere, it has a lot to do with the instructor! it really is a great group, I leave feeling reassured re-energised and happy."

L. Willis Jan 2014.