Post Natal Yoga

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The journey the body and mind goes on from pregnant to post natal can leave it bereft of nourishment, energy not to mention definition and tone of the essential core supporting muscle groups.

Many women don’t realise that 6 months prior to child birth their bodies are more fragile than when they were pregnant.

With a new baby to care for the focus of care shifts and mum suddenly becomes bottom of the heap of priorities. Without the attention to her fragile state injury and post natal depressive illnesses can occur.

The post natal yoga class differs only slightly from my pregnancy class; there’s more emphasis on restorative exercises for the core abdominals which protect the lower back and also a lot more focus on regaining tone to the pelvic floor. Giving mum back her foundations!

One to One sessions or group classes for 4 or more available on request.

Please contact me if this type of class solely for mum without baby is of interest

To book a place or for more information contact Rebecca Jenks

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