Relaxing, empowering pregnancy yoga which allows you to cherish your pregnancy and physically and emotionally prepare for birth. Then lovely, welcoming, bonding baby yoga, often with mums you’ve already met whilst pregnant. Absolutely fabulous, would recommend to everyone. Rebecca is a great teacher and achieves all this whilst keeping it light hearted and fun at the same time!
S.Archibald Oct 2015


While the contractions were building up I found that the downward dog position against a wall was really helpful, all the contractions I had when I used this posture seemed less strong, I suppose because I was releasing tension through my hands and feet. I would say that Yoga really helped me prepare for labour!
The birth itself was in a way painless and without any complications, and we were allowed home 12 hours after Adam was born. I have to go now as baby just woke up!
 Y. Rueda Jan 2010


Just wanted to let you know that baby Anna was born on 3 October weighing 7lbs12.5oz
I had a natural delivery with a minimum of pain relief, and was doing the ‘yam’ chant and hand movements on the delivery table! Thank you very much for the classes: I really feel they helped with my pregnancy and the birth.
 S.Tughan November 2011


Having a three year old daughter meant that I was already a busy mum and the class was a perfect time just for me and my little baby in my belly. The course gave me the confidence in myself to try a home birth, something I had been considering for a while. The yoga sessions with Rebecca taught me how to truly relax in my pregnancy but more importantly, I was to later realise, the breathing and positioning that would assist me in my home birth.
The baby yoga classes which followed allowed wonderful one on one time, allowing for some relaxation time for me and interaction time for my new baby. I still use the songs and movements I learned in these classes, which Darcie still enjoys at 6 months old. Thank you Rebecca, I can’t wait until pregnancy and birthing number three!
 J.Philpott July 2012

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